It is the first ever Asian Beach Games, Bali 2008

Although the games are over, I would like to tell you a story when I was a staff of BABGOC (Bali Asian Beach Games Organizing Committe). I was join the team on June 2008 on Sports Directorate. I worked for Graphic Designer of course to designing the things, in this case I designing the book, the guide/manual book for team leaders and athletes. First I make a design for certificate but it denied by the big boss, Mr. Ramon Suzara, the director operation.

Oh yeah…I consider for Sports Directorate on Sports Services. My manager was Emmalyn P. Bamba also called Malyn or Ate Malyn, the Philippines woman (ate means sister in Tagalog, the mother language of Philippines). She is a great woman, perfection and kind. She also called her team worker as her family. I really like her. She is the one of the best people I have met. Beside her, there is one manager left. It is Sports Competition managed by Mr. Muhammad Taufik, Singaporean. He is a good guy, I remeber when he screw his team by said “goblok” in English mean stupid in the funny way. He always remind everybody about an update data that always updated. That is make him stress, hahaha…

In near of the games, 18 October 2008, every body stress up, neither I. I do my work just a moth from the games but the index of book every day changed. Oh My God…there is no a patent one, huhuhu…But that make me strong. Ate Malyn always give us the spirit to be strong. Anyway there are 3 section under Sports Services: Sports Entries, whom will give the entry by number and entry by name to all country member of OCA, the head name is Dewi Septhari Wulandari or Mbak Dewi, she stress up when the near of the games, the country did not send back the letter of entries. Athletes & Technical Official Services (ATOS), whom will coordinating during the games the athlete and technical official about their transport and reimbursement, of course this is make Diani Ary Dewi, the head stress up, because they talk about money. The last one is Sports Information & Publication, the head name is I Komang Ery Wahyudi, the good guy always slow but sure to make everything clear, he always worried when Ate Malyn called because there is something problem in this section, huahauha…he is paranoid, isn’t he? But I under his command, I am Sports Information and Publication Coordinator.

Well…during the games, I worked at BOC. BOC is the main team of Asian Beach Games. Wogh…Ate Malyn is belive me (I am sorry Ate to make you upset, I remember make her upset in Sanur Paradise Plaza because I am not in a good mood). But my desk in BOC is not used as well. Ate Malyn commanded me to help in Sanur Paradise until end of games.

Piuf…maybe words can’t present everything but can make me fell good. Thank you God, Ate Malyn, Mbak Dewi, Diany, Eri and everyone in Sports Directorate, I really miss it so much. But time must go. I remember when Ate Malyn give me a birthday cake, I just her staff, but she makes me as a family. Thank you…