Genuine Fish Leather: Skinny Fish

Hi everyone,
I’d like to introduce you to my last project while it will become one of my state enterprise :)
It is Genuine Fish Leather: Skinny Fish

Before I describe what it is, let me ask you something:
do you know if fish leather can be one kind product of textile like the another leather
yes, you are correct of course it can but surely we not often to hear that

So this start from my friend called Ary got an idea to compete on Entrepreneurship contest called IEC
Her idea is how to conduct the waste of fish leather in Benoa to some more valuable thing
so fish leather for textile is the answer beside people often use it to low valuable thing like kerupuk
She calls me, beep beep

Ary: Mande would you like to join my team?
Me: What kind of team?
Ary:I would like to compete in IEC (ITB Entrepreneurship Challenge), is one kind of Entrepreneurship contest
Me: That’s sounds good, what thing we will compete?
Ary: I called it Golden Innovation Leather Skinny Fish, Genuine Fish Leather
Me: Wogh…but I don’t get it hehe…so what I work for?
Ary: You help me in designing, that is important thing
Me: Ok I got it
Then she made 3-persons team: Ary, Me and Indra

I made logo for this :D

But there is something miss understanding between us so the team was broke and Indra make the other team to do it. The second gear team: Luqman, Rudi and Fitri. They are nice person. But naze *japanese language means why* naze the group 1 should broke up T.T

my team

Our proposal going good. We can be one of the top 10 contestants. So we got invitation to Bandung. So I go to Jogja to meet my team and then train to Bandung, the place where the competition belongs.
I got very valuble experience to this contest although we’re not win T.T that make us depressed

Ok that’s enough for the story

Skinny Fish Leather
What is our product? Leather of Fish
Website is under construction …during you can visit