The Path to get My Bachelor’s Degree (1)

Hey, now I wanna share my paper to get my bachelor’s degree, It called Data Dissemination BPS Province Bali. What exactly is that?

The first thing that I want to you know is about BPS or Badan Pusat Statistik. It’s a government institution who resolve and back up statistic data like population-growth, number of poverty, farming result, economic growth and many more which needed by everybody to know how is our country (Indonesia) growing?

When the government complete the result by census or survey, now the question is how do we disseminate that result to society who need it. That is my task to make a system and program to solve the problem in IT touch because the occur system still use manual which is people should go to BPS office to get some data. So people who has limit time can’t through by right? Consume so much time.

The IT touch that I mean is warehousing data or commonly called data warehouse. We collect data not by manual again because there is internet, the thing that really help now days, so we make a server and a web application.

Next, let’s talk about the system model…